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Vulcan 5000
The green alternative to water softeners

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Hard Water Treatment  |   Average Home Size Application   |  Main Water Line
Product URL: Remove Hard Water Mineral Scale
Hard Water Technology: Electronic, Impulse Frequency

The electronic anti-scale hard water treatment system that uses proprietary impulse frequency technology to change the molecular construction of hard water minerals; prevent scale from adhering to water pipes, water heaters, mirrors, appliances, equipment and everything else your water supply touches.

“The Eco-Friendly alternative to water softeners protecting your home and assets against scale deposits and rust”

Eco-Friendly, Does NOT use salt, Maintenance Free, Do-It-Yourself Installation, No drop in water pressure, 10 Year Warranty

CWT International
Hard Water Treatment
Lime Scale builds up as soon as hard water flows through a pipe and into your appliances, commercial and industrial equipment causing long term damage and a steady increase in energy consumption. Our technology has been proven in over 70 countries to remove scale, prevent scale build-up, and remove rust and bacteria caused by scale minerals. Backed by a 10-year international warranty.
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Hard Water Treatment, UV Disinfection, Water Filter
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Max. Pipe Diameter:
Max. Water Flow Rate: 35 GPM
Power Consumption: 2W
Hard Water Treatment Technology: Electronic, Impulse Frequency
Grade: Residential
Typical Environment: Average Home Size
Applications: Main Water Line

Detailed Product Information

vulcan electronic descaler- against scale and rust

What does the Vulcan do?

checkmark largeStops hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium) from bonding together and adhering to surfaces.

checkmark largeGently sanitizes your water pipe system and appliances by flushing out existing scale and rust particles

checkmark largeProtects water pipes, appliance components and everything else your water comes into contact with from corrosion and the perforation damage of hard water

How does the Vulcan electronic descaler work?

vulcan descaler- impulse bands

The Vulcan descaler is a green alternative to water softeners and does NOT use chemicals or salt to physical treat water; nor does it change the chemical mixture of the water. It works by altering the physical characteristics of mineral scale crystals using wobbling frequency distribution in a way that the scale particles lose their adhesive power. The impulse bands are wrapped around the OUTSIDE of a water pipe and DOES NOT have to come in direct contact with the water.

The electronic device generates proprietary electric frequency impulses from a series of computerized micro-chips and the signal-frequencies are transmitted via the Vulcan-impulse-bands. The impulse bands form a frequency-field, changing the mineral from sticky ball structures into rod-shaped crystals as the water flows past the treatment area.

Vulcan 5000- Residential Electronic Hard Water Descaler

Vulcan 5000

Max. Pipe Diameter: 2 inches
Max. Water Flow: 35 Gallons Per Minute
Wattage: 2 Watts
Impulse Band Length: 79 inch each
Device Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches
Programs: 1

How does the Vulcan device solve hard water scaling problems?

1. Vulcan stops scaling in pipes and appliances
The patented Vulcan-Impulse-Technology modifies the sticky crystallization of calcium and magnesium using the natural process of electrophoresis to form smoother rod-shaped crystals that do not attach to each other. These mono crystals are created by the impulse variation and are washed away within the water flow as a fine powder; and the formation of new mineral deposits is stopped. The more rod-shaped crystals created the stronger the scale-prevention effects. The change in the molecular construction of these minerals last up to 2 days in cold water and 7 days in hot water.

Vulcan stops scaling in pipes and appliances

2. Vulcan gently sanitizes water piping systems
The Vulcan water treatment changes the balance between the scaling process and the natural resolving process that breaks down existing scale. The mono crystals can no longer form deposits and the scale build-up of the scaling process is dramatically reduced. Mineral scale is removed faster than it forms. Gradually and carefully the deposits within water pipes and on heating elements are removed through regular water flow.

Vulcan gently sanitizes water piping systems

3. Removing scale results in removing rust, bacteria and prevents perforation
Mineral scale acts as a food source and breeding ground for bacteria; other unwanted substances and iron particles also become trapped in the scale build-up causing pipe corrosion, pitting and jeopardizes your general health as you unknowingly consume irregular bouts of water-borne bacteria. The scale and the rust blend into one material; it is often seen as red-colored deposits in the pipe.
The Vulcan treatment dismantles the built-up mineral scale and simultaneously removes all the embedded rust from your water pipes. This action not only extends the lifespan of your appliances and equipment but also sanitizes your piping system.

Vulcan stops scaling in pipes and appliances

Vulcan installation

The Vulcan electronic descaler is NOT an electromagnet or magnetic based technology. It can be used on a variety of pipe thicknesses and material compositions.
Vulcan can be installed over various pipe materials

Household Applications

Vulcan protects your home’s entire piping system
Vulcan cleans your home’s old water pipes and protects water heaters, washing machines, coffee machines; it cleans bathroom fixtures, filters, shower nozzles and bathroom tiles stay cleaner for longer. General cleaning also becomes quicker easier because minerals no longer stick to surfaces.
pdfResidential Home Application Flyer
vulcan electronic descaler- residential homes

Protect your private swimming pool and hot tubs
The Vulcan descaler will help to protect your swimming pool and hot tubs from the corrosive effect hard water has on filters, water pumps and heating elements. The combination of water, circulating air and pressure in a hot tub places tremendously demands on equipment and your time spent cleaning and maintaining hot tubs. Vulcan is a maintenance free solution to assist you with supplying cleaning water that will help reduce maintenance and extend the lifespan of your pool and hot tub.
pdfSwimming Pool and Hot Tub Application Flyer
vulcan electronic descaler- swimming pools

Increase the efficiency of your heating system
Mineral scale tends to be attracted to heating elements more than any other surface. A scale deposit layer of only 2mm (~0.078 inches) can lead to an energy loss of more than 15%. The longer it takes to reach the heating point for your water heater or boiler the more energy your system uses and consequently the increase in your power consumption. Mineral scale build-up has a direct impact to how well heat is transferred into your water. The Vulcan descaler reduces scaling on heating elements and will help to lower your home’s energy consumption.
vulcan electronic descaler- remove scale from heating elements

Protection for your solar water heating
Using a solar powered water heater for your house is a smart green alternative to traditional heating methods. However; if you ignore the impact that natural minerals, in your water, has on your solar water heater the purpose of installing your eco-friendly water heater will be counterproductive. A scale layer of only 1 mm (~0.04 inches) will result in a decrease of efficiency of up to 40%.
The Vulcan descaler only consumes $5 - $10 PER YEAR in electricity costs. It protects hot water tanks and vacuum tubes and keeps the system from over-heating; it also reduces and removes scale build-up in collectors. All of this without requiring you to physically maintain the equipment or circulate acids to keep your solar powered water heater running efficiently.
pdfSolar Heating Application Flyer
vulcan electronic descaler- Protection for your solar water heating

Vulcan replaces water softeners
Water softeners using salt or another means to physically lower the hard water mineral ratios is going to add either salt or another medium byproduct back into your water supply. Increasing sodium (salt) into your water has environmental pollution concerns to where US government is in the process of banning these devices. Additionally, young children and older people are strongly advised NOT to consume water that has been treated with a salt-based softener due to health impacts.
The Vulcan descaler is used on over 70 countries and is the eco-friendly alternative to regular salt-based water softeners. However, if there is a unique circumstance requiring you to keep your water softener installed, the Vulcan can still be used in conjunction. The descaler will help to reduce the amount of salt required to run your water softener, maintenance intervals will be extended, fewer backwash valves malfunctions will occur all saving you and your family a lot of money.
vulcan electronic descaler- replace your water softener

pdf Many companies trust the Vulcan anti-scale systems as their eco-friendly solution to scale and rust problems.


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